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Clean Scapes boosts their bottom line

In an article in Lawn & Landscape, Travis Dyer of Clean Scapes explained how IQgistics worked with them to increase Clean Scapes bottom line by reducing administrative work done by their managers.  “We save tons of time on labor because we aren’t constantly filling out timesheets, rounding (the numbers) up and down,” he says.

Police Arrest Two Car Thieves with Help of GPS Tracking System

Ever wonder if GPS Tracking is worth it?  Read this news posting about a truck in Corpus Christi.  Police said the men picked a truck that was provided to the driver by his company, and the company had outfitted their fleet with GPS tracking devices.

IQgistics nominated for Austin Chamber of Commerce Business Award

IQgistics has been nominated for the Austin Chamber of Commerce Business Award in Technology for a small business. 

Do you know what your vehicles are saying?

It’s time to rethink your business’s fleet strategy and mobile asset management. Many organizations rely on vehicles to achieve business growth objectives, and fleets are expected to drive big value to the bottom line while incurring minimal cost.

Fleet Management For Smaller Field Service Companies

Tracking Profits

NHTSA Reports on Teenage Driving and GPS Tracking

NHTSA data shows that unaccompanied 16 and 17-year-olds crash nine times more often than adults. And when their parents are out of the car, seatbelt use plummets to less than 40 percent of the national average. While the accident data shows that teens and their teenage passengers are by far the most accident-prone group, that isn't the case when Mom or Dad is riding along.

Sending a text to a cellphone from email

You can easily send a text message to a cell phone from IQgistics' email alert system using the following formats for your email message:


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