IQgistics launches their new IQPartnerLink.

The IQPartnerLink Program is a sales program for value added resellers, retailers and dealers, enabling them to sell vehicle and asset tracking systems from IQgistics. By joining the IQPartnerLink Program, you will be able to leverage the world-class brands and technology platforms from IQgistics, obtain sales and technical support from our experienced team and view the latest promotions all conveniently located in one place for you.

Add another weapon to your sales armory

IQPartnerLink enables dynamic business generators to forge a relationship with IQgistics and derive new revenue therefrom. We’re dedicated to making sure that this program delivers mutual benefits to all involved.

If you’re a proven sales oriented organization, preferably in one of the industries listed below, you are well placed to benefit from a reseller relationship with IQgistics. 

Learn more about the IQPartnerLink.