iMobile/jMobile allows fleet information to be displayed on your data enabled device (iPhone, Smartphone, or Blackberry).

Features summary: 

iMobile/jMobile brings you greater control of your fleet while away from your computer.

iMobile/jMobile brings live fleet activity to your device.  It displays your vehicles current location while the status can be quickly displayed and plotted onto either a Google map or satellite view.

Quick and easy to use, iMobile/jMobile can give you greater control and helps you increase the efficiency of your fleet wherever you may be.

You can use MS Track Pro in your office, MS Track Web in your home office or on your laptop as you travel, and iMobile/jMobile when out and about anywhere you have mobile coverage.


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iMobile Vehicle List iMobile Vehicle Shown on Google Map iMobile Vehicle Shown on Google Satellite