GPS Tracking Reseller Opportunity

With the backing of IQgistics you can achieve success in the vehicle tracking business!

IQgistics is embarking on a nationwide expansion of its reseller network with a new dealer program aimed at enabling small businesses across North America to become part of one of the fastest growing fields of technology, the vehicle tracking/fleet management industry.

The vehicle tracking industry continues to grow fast as business owners, large and small, begin to appreciate the savings to be had from the use of GPS monitoring technology combined with our unique web-based software. The return on investment from a well-run tracking system can be dramatic, based on fuel cost savings, improved employee productivity, enhanced safety, security of assets and ability to validate entry and exit times from customer premises. 

There has never been a better time to get involved with IQgistics in this rapidly growing market.

How can I benefit from the opportunity?

As a dynamic business generator, why not grab the opportunity to forge a relationship with IQgistics and acquire a new revenue source.

If you’re a proven sales oriented organization or an independent sales representative in the fleet sector you are well placed to benefit from a reseller relationship with IQgistics. 

Our channel partners will benefit from:

  • No up-front financial commitment.
  • An expanding product range reflecting our leadership in GPS based fleet management solutions for all sizes of businesses and government agencies.
  • Opportunities for add-on sales of complementary products to their existing customer base as well as the potential to secure new customers.
  • Ongoing support from our dedicated customer support team.

If you wish to be considered for this unique opportunity please call us
at (512) 535-4165 or contact us by email at